Sometimes I create web applications ☁, games 🕹, other software 💻, and prose 📝. If others might be interested in those things, I collect them here!

Active Projects

💻 Advent of Code 2015+

ruby, elixir, algorithms

Solutions to Advent of Code, a series of language-agnostic programming puzzles released in sets of 25 each December. My personal goal is to solve each set in a different language, using only the language’s standard library.

📚 Open source work 2012+

Open-source libraries feature heavily in my work, and I like to give back when I can. This link is a live search for all issues and pull requests I’ve authored on GitHub, filtering out projects that have their own entry on this page.

Past Projects

📝 Wāpuro Rōmaji 2018

Code exercise based on a real-world text conversion problem. Created for Wistia Engineering.

SchoolBot 2015–2016

rails, rspec, ember, leaflet, postgres, redis, heroku, s3

Mobile web app that tracks school bus locations. Originally an in-house Vermonster product, now an open-source project with a paid hosting option, I led development and documentation of SchoolBot from its conception through launch.

💻 Homebrew Notifier 2015

shell scripting

Push-button-install script that notifies you when any of your Homebrew packages are outdated.

💻 Sesame 2015

sinatra, redis, slack, twilio, heroku

Slack-operated access control for telephone-based intercom systems. Created for the Vermonster office.

☁ CSH WebNews 2011–2015

rails, postgres, coffeescript, jquery, nntp

Web-based client for a private news server operated by Computer Science House, with progressive enhancements, email notifications, and a JSON API supporting third-party iOS and Android apps.

  • WebNews v0 was my second Rails app ever (and it shows), but nevertheless saw wide adoption and had 100+ weekly active users within CSH for several years.

  • WebNews v1 was an unfinished 2015 rewrite that only got as far as the API and its documentation.

📝 thoughtbot blogs 2012

While apprenticing at thoughtbot, I had the privilege of writing a few posts for their blog, Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots:

🕹 Warp Zone 2012

gamemaker 8

Quick-thinking game about navigating twisting tunnels filled with obstacles at warp speed.

Clobber on Rails 2011

rails, sqlite3, jquery, svg, heroku

An online version of an obscure board game, created for a class project, and my first Rails app ever.

Haddock on Heroku 2011

sinatra, heroku

Simple web frontend for Haddock, a library that generates memorable passwords.

💻 NetHack achievements 2011

c, mysql

During a brief stint on Computer Science House’s BingeHack project (at the time a fork of the original NetHack, now a fork of NetHack 4), I designed and integrated a full set of “achievements” into the game. Unfortunately, the names and descriptions were stored in a database that now appears offline.

💻 Twittjr 2009

ruby, ibm basic

Pseudo-live feed of the most recent public tweets matching a specified search… on an IBM PCjr.

🕹 Vectrocity 2009

flash, actionscript 3

Space shoot-‘em-up game with a retro vector style. Dodge lasers, collect powerups, and blast waves of enemies into glowy green line segments.

🕹 Black Hole Wars 2008

gamemaker 7

Unfinished head-to-head game where players slingshot asteroids into planets using black holes.